10 steps to personas

personas poster The poster 10 Steps to Personas are now translated into several languages. You can download a low resolution version of the poster here.

10-trin-til-personas (Danish)

10-steps-to-personas (English)

Personas-in-10-stappen (Dutch)

Jose Vittone has translated the poster to Spanish. You can find his version here: Personas-spanish-version-2009.pdf

Nicolas Mereaux has made a french version you can find here: http://www.les-traducteurs-agiles.org/2017/09/07/les-personas-en-10-etapes.html

or download here: Les personas en 10 e?tapes

Finally Mika Yasuka has translated it to Japanese. You can download it here: 10 Steps in Japanese

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  1. Alla Gringaus

    Lene, thank you so much – your work is invaluable!

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