New book on personas

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I am happy to announce that my book on personas is now published by Springer. The book: Personas – user focused design includes a chapter on the use of personas around the globe with contribution from Australia, Brazil, Finland, Russia, Japan, India, and UK. Continue reading

Fiction based personas

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Most agree that personas are built on data, but several have experimented with purely fiction-based personas. These personas are often used to explore design and generate discussion and insights in the field. There are several suggestions to use fiction, here are a couple of links for inspiration: Continue reading

Acting as Someone Like Me – personas in participatory innovation

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Article written for the  PIN-C 2012 conference, Melbourne, Australia.

Lene Nielsen

IT University, Copenhagen



Including users in large participatory innovation projects together with professional innovators such as designers, marketing professionals, engineers etc. puts a strain on the user that might not like to be the focus of attention.

With point of departure in two cases, one from business and a student project, the paper illustrates and discusses the use of personas as a mean to get users involved in innovation, address their needs, and be a platform that gives all participants equal involvement. Continue reading

Co-design with personas

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The persona method is aimed at talking about the users and representing users in the design process. I (and some of my students9 have experimented with having users present in the initial design process and let users act as personas for innovation. I gave a talk about this in Chicago, Sept 2011. These are my slides from the talk at UX Masterclass in Chicago lene nielsen – codesign with personas Continue reading